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The Zepeda's

in a faraway land...

The Zepedas are a crazy family! It is consisted of My Tio Roger Jr. and his wife Regina. This, sort of like the Ramos's had a story before their time. My Tia Regina had 2 children from another marriage. Those two are the older cousins of mine. Their names are Kevin and Steven and they are two crazy white guys lol! In a house full of mexicans, they really aren't much different than we are.. not that they're supposed to, but they have a lot of attitude lol!

steven and kevin Kevin is the same age as me, he is 21 years old, he is the one in the red vest! Kevin is 23 years old and he is the other one belting out the tunes lol! This picture was at Kevin's wedding last year and well, they were pretty wasted lol! But it was such a good time! Kevin lives in Washington where he grew up. Steven left Washington to move to Kansas City! What a change but he is doing so well with his life! I am really proud of him! I met these two when I was 13 years old and we have been friends ever since and really doesn't feel like we are different people anymore, we're all just family! I love these two and I love having them around!

roger and regina My uncle Roger and aunt Regina have been together for what seems like forever! My Uncle left California to move to Washington without much of a plan! But that worked out for the best with him. He started working at McDonald's and moved his way up up! He is a big man now! My Aunt Regina also worked at McDonald's! Roger went out to check out the stores in his region and she happened to be working that day! They hit it off ever since! Soon they got married and they began a life full of love and happiness together. They had their child in 2001, but due to complications, Baby Jordan died two weeks later. It was a hard loss for the whole family, but with our support we were able to pull through!

julia And with everything tragic that happens, something amazing is just around the corner! And here she is, Julia! She is named after my grandmother, and looks a lot like her too! She is just about 7 years old and man she is a smart one! She is a sweet little girl, but spoiled rotten! But that is okay, so are the rest of us lol! It is sad they are so far away in Washington and we're all the way over here so we can't share many times together but we make the effort to see each other at least once a year to catch up and spend time together!

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