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Brieanna's Family Life

nothing short of amazing!

I was brought into this world in November of 1987 and that was the moment our families lives changed forever! Not to say I was the center of attention but I was the only grandchild on both sides of my family! So I guess I was the center of attention, oh well heh! I had a good run, I had nine years going until the next granchild popped up and well, they just kept on coming! My next sibling was born when I was eleven years old, the next one was born when i was 17 years old, and so many cousins popped up in btween those years. So I guess it is safe to say I wasn't the center of attention anymore! But hey, that is okay, without the family I have right now, life wouldn't be half as interesting and probably not as fun! I am the oldest of eight grandchildren. Well technically if you don't count married in cousins lol then I am the third oldest of 10 kids! We all range from 22 years old to 7 months. It is a quite a gap between us all but we all get along and we couldn't ask for better relationships!

I will only be talking about my mother's side of the family because they have the most members and it is a whole lot of fun! It all started with two love birds, my grandma and grandpa. They are the most loving people I know. They give it to you straight and they always make sure you know they love you. They are the best grandparents I could ever ask for and they are the ones that make us a better, more loving family.

grandparentsAnd here they are! My loving grandparents, they found true love and decided to create a family that consisted of three girls and 1 boy. My mom, she is the oldest, her name is Yvonne. She has two younger sisters, Ysela and Yvette. Roger Jr. is the second oldest sibling. They had a hard life growing up, they didn't have much, they worked hard to get everything that they got and never took more than they needed. These are the values my granparents instilled in my mom, my aunts and my uncle. They are loving, always are there for you when you are down and the first to celebrate for something happy. They are amazing people!

gradThe first to start a family was my mom and my dad, they knew each other their whole life. They lived across the street from eachother and my dad is my uncle Roger's best friend. Funny right? Anyway, here we are! My mom, my dad and me on my graduation day! That was such a fun day! Everyone came out to see me! After I was around for about 11 years my sisters came into play, and man what a change that is! Life has been so much different since I was just an only child, and I can't say I miss being the only one. I think this way, it is a lot more fun! So i'll start by introducing the other little ones! Megan is now 11 years old and Ariana is the youngest and a small 4 years old, she's fresh!

meganArianaMegan is over here to the left, she's pretty goofy! She is a young one who is growing up fast and I can't say that has been easy but I'm eager to see what she'll grow up into! Ariana is this spicy little one! She is a MAJOR handful who never stops learning and never stops being sneaky lol! She is just trying to make sense of this crazy world, and she already knows that there is too much going on and not enough time to do it all. These are the girls I call my sisters, and I love them so much!

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