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The Loreto's

They're a wild bunch!

There aren't enough words you can use to express how amazing The Loreto's are! They are great, fun, exciting and loving people! The Loreto's are consisted of my Tia Meya, or well, Yvette is her real name. She is the 3rd oldest child of my grandparents. She has been dating her now husband for as long as I can remember, at least 8 years before the got married! They are a great couple, very caring and outgoing you can't get enough!

meyandricky Here they are, Yvette and Ricky! They are still a young couple and so much fun to be around! Always trying to make people laugh and making them as comfortable as possible! I couldn't ask for more! They are always out having fun, getting a party going and always talking! You can hear them laughing from a mile away and want to feel like you need to be laughing too! That is the power of happiness. No matter what they put their best foot forward and their heads held high and find the best things in life! They have an amazing little family of three kids, they are a goofy bunch and are very talented in their own right.


These are the Loreto kids! They are a saucy bunch of kids, but the sweetest ones you'll ever meet! The oldest one is Cristian, he is 12 years old. He is the lighter kid in the picture, he looks too much like my Tia Meya and my Grandma! The other two look just like twins don't they! Funny thing is that Ricky Jr. (aka Baby Ricky) is almost 11 years old! His sister Alyssa is only 6! They look exactly like each other, it is kinda freaky! Cristain is a quiet kid, he is respectful and usually do what he is asked to do, usually lol. His brother Ricky is a little spicier but he has calmed down a lot. He is doing really well in school and is in all the sports he can get into and really enjoys them all! Alyssa, she is the girly girl! She does ballet, cheerleading, girl scouts, almost anything you can do and that little age that proves you're a girl. She loves to dress up and get her hair done pretty. I like calling her a little person. She is still really young but she has the attitude of a teenager!

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