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The Ramos's

It's only the beginning

The Ramos family has only been established for just one year! But their story started a lot earlier than all of that! The Ramos family consists of Ysela and Marco. Ysela is the youngest of my Grandparent's children and have been the most fun, probably because they are not much older than I am! Ysela had a daughter when she was a lot younger and her name is Clarysela! I can't say enough about Clary, she a goofy one, and a lot older than she really is.

clary and me

This is Clary and me, we're pretty gangster if I do say so myself! Clary is 13 years old and she never stops! She is totally into video games and loves watching Anime! A couple years ago i introduced her to an anime called Naruto (the japanese verison, the american one sucks! lol) Anywho, she just took off with it and kept looking into more and more Anime series and not long after had a larger Manga collection than I do! lol! She is an AMAZING drawer, she has the craziest talent I have ever seen and her imagination is insane! I keep encouraging her to get more into her art so she can reach her full potential! She is a very talented child who has a hard time getting herself out there to try new things! I am doing my best to help her out so she can start having more fun! She picks up on new things quickly and is always laughing and having fun. She is silly like I am and when her and I get together we're always laughing and joking around. She is already almost better than me in Guitar Hero! Too bad there is no level above expert so I can 1 up her! Lol I can't wait till she gets older and does what she loves to do already!

Now on to her parents.. I didn't forget them! They have been together for about 4 years and fell in love fast and wasted no time on making it official. I was really happy for my Tia that she found someone to really love and care for because she deserves it all. She is like my best friend I can tell her anything and she will always listen. Her and I go way back, used to play games together and laugh all the time! I love her so much!

sela and marcoHere is the happy newlywed couple! Going on strong and doing so well together. They started another chapter to their story around November of last year when they had a child together, Antonio! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of him yet but he is adorable, just so you know! Things started out a little rough for these two but they are a good example of how, no matter what happens, love will pull you through! There isn't much I can say because so much more is about to happen! This is an exciting tale and we are all waiting to see what is happening next!

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